Welcome to the TrueSign API documentation. Here you will find all the information needed for you to create an integration between your business application and ImageSoft's TrueSign. If you are interested in seeing TrueSign in action, please click here for a demo.

About TrueSign#

TrueSign® is the electronic equivalent of physically signing a document. It’s an easy to use electronic signature application that creates legally compliant electronic signatures. Because TrueSign was originally designed for courts, it’s well-suited for a broad array of industries and applications. To find out more about TrueSign, visit truesign.com.

Getting Started#

To start with the TrueSign API, you need to have the following:

  • A TrueSign Subscription
  • An Envelope Type, with a client id and client secret

If any of these are missing, please contact your organization's TrueSign administrator. If you are the administrator or do not have a TrueSign subscription please contact us.

NuGet Package#

ImageSoft also offers a NuGet package to help you speed up the time to integrate with the TrueSign API. The TrueSign.Shared package is available on NuGet gallery and it contains the core logic to integrate with TrueSign from your custom application.

High Level Workflow#

Here is a high level description of the TrueSign workflow. This should serve as a guide for any business application integrating with TrueSign.